The Bottle Holder™

The Bottle Holder™

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Each Masterpack is 4 Cases (1 Case = 12 Units).  

Owner/Status:  Got Your Back Chef Supply Company – Patent Pending

Material:  .187 Steel wire, nickel chrome plating, made in USA.

Dimensions:  Frame 6 1/2” tall, 2 3/4” wide, with a 2 1/8” wide hook extending 1 1/2” down, bottom of frame extends out 3” and has a connecting feature.  Each ring has a 5” inside diameter.  Weighs 8 oz.

Description:  A hanger to securely hold bottles or Bain Marie pans to maximize cooler space, provide easy service, vertical storage and prevent spills in restaurants, bars, kitchens, catering, keg parties and displays.

Product use:  The bottle holder maximizes space in beer coolers, walk-in coolers, catering/banquet functions, keg parties, cook lines, ice bins, sinks and for retail displays.  Three holders can be hung vertically on a beer keg in a 5” wide space.  Product safely holds bottles from 750 ml to 1.5 ml and even a large tomato can to provide easy access and avoid spills.  It also holds the 2 qt. Bain Marie pan for use in kitchens to hold sauces or utensils on the line!  Great for holding scrubbing pads when attached to the sink, or ice scoops when attached to the bar ice bin.

Benefit:  Maximize cooler space, point of service speed, vertical storage, sanitation and displays.  Throw in dishwasher for cleaning.

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by Roxanne Sharp on The Bottle Holder™
Public Health Investigator III, Springfield, MO.

I have worked food service before and looking at before and after pictures on what these holders can do, I think cooks/chefs can benefit from the extra space for work flow and storage organization.